A loaded magazine for a firearm was apparently left behind by a passenger at a TSA checkpoint after being removed from some carry-on luggage, and the incident prompted some chaos at SFO Saturday morning.

The incident happened around 6:30 a.m. at Terminal 3, as NBC Bay Area reports, and "TSA officers and San Francisco police searched for and eventually located the owner of the ammunition."

ABC 7 has it that the firearm magazine was left behind at the checkpoint, and officials are still investigating the incident. The passenger in question is reportedly still being interviewed by the TSA and law enforcement.

Three security checkpoints were completely shut down at Terminal 3 for about 45 minutes as a result of the incident. Those have since reopened.

According to airport officials, per ABC 7, "There is no information to substantiate that a firearm made it through security."

While it's permissible to travel with a firearm, secured in a hard-sided case, in one's checked luggage, guns are of course not permitted in carry-ons.

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Photo: Duke Cullinan