F.E.A.S.T., which stands for Fine (Dining), Entertainment, Art, Story and Technology, involves a five-course meal served on a "digitally interactive table" that changes color a lot, and guests can take selfies afterward in 14 interactive "art rooms."

It's a new pop-up that's happening three times a week through April 13 at Onedome (1025 Market Street), the new "interactive arts & entertainment space" housed in what used to be that weird International Art Museum of America. And the man behind the food, as the Chronicle tells us, is Nick Ronan of Bisou and Beso fame, who's lately been working the kitchen at the new Pawn Shop tapas bar with the fake pawn shop in front, at Mission and Sixth.

The five-course dinner with two beverages will run you $160 ($225 with Champagne pairing), and includes halibut shots, a carrot salad, filet mignon, and ginger-pear sorbet. It's all served on a highly Instagrammable table that's "perpetually awash in various lights and designs during the dinner service," per the Chron, and appears to also feature crisp rectangular spotlights for the dishes — because Instagram.

The organizers at OneDome say that the pop-up allowed them "the opportunity to bring in the culinary arts as a layer to the immersive experience" they've created with things like "The Unreal Garden" exhibit.

Oh, and here's the trailer. Tickets for F.E.A.S.T. can be found here.