One of the stranger developments on the mid-Market scene of recent years -- and that is saying a lot! -- is this mysterious museum project at 1023-1025 Market Street (between 6th and 7th), which we first noted over a year ago when some embossed signage went up calling it The Superb Art Museum of America. Well, it softly opens tomorrow (!), March 29, but is now being called The International Art Museum of America — equally vague but slightly less goofy and ESL than calling it "superb." SF Citizen got the press release (where was ours?), and we've been seeing activity at the space for several weeks. Today we bring you a couple of pictures, including one shot over the paper on the windows revealing the Disney-ride-like gazebo, bridge, fake rock outcroppings, plants, and water feature that are apparently part of the space's indoor "Chinese garden," as well as what looks like a neo-classically styled painting gallery with archways at the rear.

The project first caught Curbed's attention about two years ago, and we went on to draw what we believed was an ownership connection to a Chinese Buddhist temple in the Mission called Hua Zang Si and their spiritual leader H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. They're now saying that the full museum, with attached conference center and meeting rooms, won't be fully open until September, at which point one will find "changing exhibitions of international art," only some of which we can probably assume will be of a Buddhist nature?