Longtime SF power broker and former Examiner publisher Florence Fang is not going to back down just because the tony Peninsula town of Hillsborough has decided to sue her.

SFist received word today directly from Fang's attorney, former SF Supervisor and recent mayoral candidate Angela Alioto that Fang believes she's within her rights to do whatever she likes on her own private property. And that includes installing dinosaur statuary and a big sign that says "Yabba Dabba Doo."

"This is intolerance and elitist behavior from the town of Hillsborough," Alioto says. "It's unconstitutional and we will vigorously fight back in our answer and cross-complaint." Alioto adds that the so-called Flintstones House and its quirky garden menagerie gives her client "and the community of Northern California and beyond, great joy."

So, the Law Offices of Mayor Joseph L. Alioto and Angela Alioto will be representing Fang going forward in the civil case filed in recent weeks by the City of Hillsborough. Fang previously paid a $200 fine to the Administrative Hearing Panel of Hillsborough after it issued a decision in October calling her lawn decor a nuisance and "a highly visible eyesore." (You can see the house, and the dinosaurs, from I-280.)

“Denying Ms. Fang’s right to Due Process and the right to her own personal property is outrageous," Alioto says. "The 'Flintstone' house is a pure joy to many, and we will fight this lawsuit vigorously to restore Ms. Fang’s freedom from this serious intolerance and overstepping by the town of Hillsborough and restore her rights to the full enjoyment of her property."

Stay tuned!

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