In addition to lobbing some idle threats in the direction of UC Berkeley, President Trump on Saturday used his CPAC speech to talk about all the money he wants to withhold from California, and how Governor Gavin Newsom secretly "loves" him.

Speaking to his base of conservative supporters at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference just hours after landing back in DC from his unsuccessful summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, Trump said of Newsom, and I quote, "He called me up the other day, let's say four weeks ago or so. [He said] 'I just want to tell you, you're a great president and you're one of the smartest people I've ever met.' That's what he said."

SFGate reports that Trump went on to say that Newsom was calling about "additional money for the fire," referring to the Camp Fire. And he added, "When we're face to face, nice guy, when he talks about me, not so nice. But he loves me ... They say things, politicians, to your face, and then they give a news conference two days later and you're like, 'Where did he come from? Where did he come from?'"

Given that there is no universe, real or parallel, in which Newsom could "love" Donald Trump let alone call him "smart" on the phone, this article has prompted some local laughs.

As former SFist contributor and Chronicle columnist Beth Spotswood said on Facebook, "I laughed so loud I woke up [the baby]."

You may recall that the day after Trump's 2016 election, Newsom tweeted saying it was a "national disgrace."

Most recently, Newsom and Trump were trading barbs on Twitter over Trump's threat to pull federal funding from the high-speed rail project.

Incidentally, Newsom was in DC last week and took a pic with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on what appears to be a balcony at the Capital Building.

You can see Trump's entire CPAC speech here.

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