The reactions have been swift across the Bay Area to the fact that we now have a President-Elect named Trump. The worst case happened. We awake in a nightmare.

The Examiner collected a number of early reactions from local pols last night, including Lt. Governor and likely gubernatorial candidate in 2018, Gavin Newsom, who put it bluntly. "[It's] a national disgrace... [and California’s values] are in absolute conflict with Donald Trump."

Here's wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom's latest chipper tweet.

Mayor Ed Lee's response? "California will still be California. San Francisco will be a beacon."

Jane Kim struck a similar note saying, "It just means that in a city as progressive as San Francisco, that we’re going to have to continue to fight locally. We’ll continue to do that with a Republican or Democrat in the White House. Sanctuary city is going to be a big concern. Funding for public schools is going to be a big concern. Funding for affordable housing is going to be a big concern."

The Chronicle penned this solid editorial, calling the election "a stunning American revolt," and saying, "The closeness of the finish, coming on top of all the bitterness that preceded it, is going to challenge the goodwill and humility of Donald Trump... He won by division, but he can’t govern by division. Now is the moment for Donald Trump to change his tone to something he never showed during the campaign. In a word: presidential."

And the Chron's resident conservative Debra Saunders, who says she voted for Gary Johnson in the election, writes a gloating column chastising all those in the Bay Are bubble whom she has had educate, all year, about "why someone who is not a complete idiot would vote for Trump." She says, perhaps with a stupid degree of hope, "it is possible that winning the White House will humble Trump and make him a better man."

Here's a description of the devastated mood at the official Clinton campaign watch party last night at the Holiday Inn San Francisco Golden Gateway (sad choice there).

SF Weekly's Pete Kane went off on the many reactions he was seeing already on the internet last night, including smug I-told-you-sos from Bernie bros.

7. “At least you can smoke pot in California.” FUCK. YOU. TO. THE. MAX. WE. DID. THAT. ANYWAY. WE. LIVE. IN. CALIFORNIA.

6. “I’m moving to Canada.” NO YOU AREN’T, YOU INSUFFERABLE DOUCHE. My awesome friends have a house in Sooke on Vancouver Island that’s cuter and pinier than the reclaimed particle board McMansion your stupid friends live in in bitterly cold motherfucking suburban Mississauga, Ontario, and I’m not going anywhere. (Except to visit, probably a lot.)

Meanwhile, this afternoon has already seen loud protest among students at Berkeley High School, UC Berkeley, and Albany High School.