This is going to sound like one of those class-action lawsuit radio ads, but: have you paid the SFMTA for a parking, street cleaning, or traffic ticket recently? It's possible you could be owed a refund, according to a report from CBS. An audit by transportation officials found that the agency has been holding about $600,000 in overpaid and duplicate fines. To check and see if you're owed money, you can read through the SFMTA's Escheatment Report. It lists everybody who has overpaid their fines along with how much money they're owed and what kind of violation for which they were being fined. SFGate says that all of the citations were issued between January 1st, 1995, and June 30, 2014.

It's important that you check soon, though, as the deadline to file for a refund is December 14th. After that date, any unclaimed funds go straight to the city, says KRON 4. The Examiner points out that you should probably check the list even if you're from out-of-state, as a few out-of-state license plates are on the list.

If you're curious: apparently the person with the highest refund amount owed to them is Susan Alonso, who is entitled to $516 after paying multiple street cleaning tickets from 2012. The vast majority of payers are owed anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars.

To file for your refund, call 415-701-3000 or visit

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