Someone's going to have to explain to me just what the hell happened to Google's cheeseburger. The above tweet prompted a chain of reactions from designers and Twitter users everywhere, as it highlighted a mystifying decision made by somebody at Google to put the cheese underneath the hamburger patty.

As anybody who's dealt with a disappointingly laid out cheeseburger can tell you, putting the cheese under the patty like that usually results in an under-melted, cold slice of American cheese that, tragically, can also cool down the patty perched on top of it. Grilling 101 states that you put the cheese on top of the patty, ideally while it's still on the grill, so it can melt and conform a little bit to the beefy puck, giving you a properly melted slice.

That's a belief held amongst a great many people, apparently, as Twitter lit up shortly after that tweet was shared, with many questioning Google's reasoning. In fact, enough people commented on it that Google CEO Sundar Pichai promised that they would address the issue by today, "if folks can agree on the correct way to do this," says The Verge.

Of course, as we've already established, there really only is one correct way to do this: bun, veg, cheese, patty, bun. Hands down. Granted, Apple's is a bit weird in that it puts the lettuce directly under the patty on top of the bun, which, if you're using fresh lettuce, could result in what our siblings across the pond would call a "soggy bottom." Still, at least they're not woefully misguided when it comes to cheese placement. That's critical stuff, people.

Oh, and another thing: what's up with calling that emoji a "hamburger" emoji? It's quite obviously a cheeseburger, people. Get it together, y'all. At least we can all agree on how beers work, right?

Ugh. Nevermind.

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