During Saturday's Warriors game against the Grizzlies, Stephen Curry was ejected for throwing his mouthpiece at a referee, a move that will now cost him $50,000 after the NBA announced Monday that they're fining the Warriors star for the incident. ABC 7 says that the throw happened late in the fourth quarter, and after Curry was ejected, the Warriors would go on to lose the game, 111 to 101.

The Associated Press' report says that Curry was frustrated following a play where he "thought he was fouled on a lay-in with 43.1 seconds left." Immediately following that, Andre Iguodala yelled at a referee, which earned him a $15,000 fine. Kevin Durant was also ejected from the game. All told, it was a pretty big spectacle, one that would later lead the Chron's Scott Ostler to write that it was tough to watch "The Warriors as spoiled kids," calling for "Less squawk, more rock."

Curry would later comment on the throw to SportsCenter, albeit with a bit of facetiousness:

For what it's worth, Curry seemed to show a bit of regret later after the game, as the AP says he tweeted: "No excuse for that! Gotta remember who I am playing for…" The very next day, Curry found a pretty great way to blow off some steam: he hit the links with former President Barack Obama, his brother Seth, and PGA star Jordan Spieth, according to CBS.


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Curry told CBS, "It was the perfect storm of scheduling to allow us to get out there and play." They seem to have built a rapport, too, as Curry said that he and Obama often pair up when they're in a match of four people. He claims that they're a solid team together, as he also explained (which a chuckle): "We are 2-1 now so it’s a much better record than the Warriors right now." Ouch.

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