Say bye-bye to Google Drive for just $13.

If you dread the mere thought of rifling through your near-capacity Google Drive to find a specific file among the jumble of random documents, recordings, screenshots, folders, and photos, it's time to make a change. Enter: Dropshare 4 for Mac.

This awesome file-sharing tool seamlessly integrates with your go-to hosting provider so you can streamline your workflow like the best of 'em — and holy features, Batman. Dropshare allows you to upload anything from your clipboard swiftly and easily, which you can then annotate right on the app. Not only that, but you can use Dropshare to screenshot or record your Mac's full or partial screen, shorten URLs, and create links for secure sharing — all on one platform. (Can you think of any app more fitting for complex presentations or projects?)

What makes Dropshare so unique, though, is that you control its service. As Owen Williams of The Next Web writes: "Dropshare is a great alternative to trusting your files to another company and gives you a lot of control over where they’re stored, while doing away with the limitations on file size that many other apps have." Clearly, this app is in a league of its own. 

For a limited time, Dropshare 4 for Mac is available through the sfist Shop for only $12.99 — a savings of 48 percent.

Questions about your order? Contact [email protected].

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