Somehow, San Francisco has again topped Forbes' "America's Best 20 Cities for Trick-Or-Treating" list, specifying Presidio Heights and Cow Hollow as the two best neighborhoods where you should walk around dressed as a lab experiment holding an Eggo box, apparently. They don't go into too much detail about the whys and the wherefores of their decision, as it's all part of a slideshow on their site. But SF beats out Boston (#2), Honolulu (#3), Seattle (#4), and Chicago (#5).

Maybe because there aren't so many kids in SF, the trick-or-treat bounty is that much better for the kids who do live here?

In addition to Forbes, SF also got the annual nod from Zillow, which is the sixth time that the real estate website has given the city the top spot on their trick-or-treating list — their criteria being neighborhoods in cities that provide the most candy with the least amount of walking. We wrote about when they named SF #1 in 2014, which was the fourth time in a row that the city got the title — and in the last seven years, we were only displaced to 3rd place once, in 2016. They used the same criteria to decide which city was #1, looking at "median home value, housing density, and population age." It didn't make much sense then either, as trick-or-treaters are still something of a rare sight in these parts, but Zillow seems to be sticking by their math year by year, and West Portal is apparently a hot place to seek out treats.

Where the Forbes and the Zillow lists differ, though, is in their choice of neighborhoods. While they both agree that Presidio Heights is #1, Zillow contends that Sea Cliff beats out Cow Hollow. I suppose I can't personally attest to whether one is actually better than the other, as I haven't trick-or-treated anytime in the past six years in either neighborhood, but if anyone has any actual experience, I know me and my sad bag of bite-sized Halloween candy would love to hear it.

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