Say no to boring overhead lighting!

It's hard to believe how many options there are when it comes to lighting, but there's good reason for it. A well-lit home can do wonders for your mood, so we've rounded up some inexpensive, fun lighting option. Make your home stand out by picking up any of these unique lights. And take an additional 15% off these deals with code SAVE15 (valid thru 10/29)! 

IllumiBowl 2.0

toilet light

Two words: glowing toilet. Need I say more? The llumiBowl 2.0 has a motion activated sensor, fits any toilet, and is easy to clean.

Buy Now: $12.99, 13% off $14.99

PLAYBULB Smart Lights


The ambient PLAYBULB Smart Lights are perfect for lighting backyards and outdoor pools, and the best part is that they can be controlled via app. Still, you'll never need to turn them on or off because they're motion activated.

Buy Now: $44.99, 10% off $49.99

IllumiSink Light-Up Faucet Attachment


If you're going to invest in an illuminated toilet bowl, you may as well go all out and add the IllumiSink Light-Up Faucet Attachment. The light changes color according to water temperature, so you'll know when it's just warm or cold enough for your liking.

Buy Now: $10.99, 15% off $12.99

Edison Bulbs: 6-Pack


If you're a rustic, shabby chic type of person you need these in your life. Plus, you're really getting your money's worth when you pick up a 6-pack of Edison Bulbs for the price of one.

Buy Now: $16.99, 83% off $99.99

Revogi Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb

bluetooth bulb

The Revogi Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb is truly the lightbulb of the future. It allows you to control its color via app and offers 16 million different color options. It's extremely energy efficient to boot, using 90% less energy than traditional bulbs.

Buy Now: $24.99, 44% off $44.99

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