7 courses to master this dominant CMS.

The internet is a huge marketplace filled with opportunities to get you noticed: whether you're working on a passion project, looking to improve your career by learning a new skill or want to build a sophisticated website for your startup, WordPress is one of the best tools to get you there. Carve out some space for yourself on the web with the Pay What You Want: 2017 WordPress Hero Bundle

Websites are an essential tool for just about anyone these days, and WordPress is the content management system and platform that powers a whopping quarter of the world's websites today. Whether you want to build a beautiful, engaging custom website for a client (or yourself), or build a blog using sliders, widgets, header images and more, this bundle teaches you all the tricks of the trade. 

The bundle includes seven different courses focused on different applications of WordPress, from developing e-commerce websites to learning to navigate the flexible plugin system. Here's how it works: name any price, and you'll receive the last course. Beat the average price, and you'll unlock all seven courses. 

Learn this invaluable business skill today: get the Pay What You Want: 2017 WordPress Hero Bundle for up to 99% off the usual price of $1,243. 

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