This $25 tool will make you a morning person in no time.

Most of us struggle to get out from under the covers when our alarms go off. But those quiet morning hours can often be the best time to get work done. So how do you make use of them if you’re a night owl who doesn't come to life until their first cup of coffee? 

That’s where the Morning Sidekick Journal comes in. It may look like an ordinary notebook, but it's so much more. The Morning Sidekick is designed to train you to get moving with just three minutes of journaling a day when you first wake up. You'll be able to stay goal-oriented and on top of your morning routine from the start, which will keep your energy up for the rest of the day. By reminding you daily of your most important goals, the Morning Sidekick will keep you motivated no matter what.

Take charge of your mornings with the Morning Sidekick — available now at 26% off at only $24.99.

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