A couple of photos are circulating showing two iPhone 8 Pluses bought in two different countries that spontaneously split open at the seam, one after being plugged in to charge.

As 9to5Mac reports, the first photos came via a woman in Taiwan whose brand new rose gold iPhone 8 Plus had only been connected to an Apple charger for three minutes when "she reported seeing the front panel bulge, and eventually lift completely from the device." The story, which made headlines in Chinese and Taiwanese media, was picked up by The Next Web, who explain that the woman's phone was replaced by her carrier, which shipped the phone back to Apple for analysis.

9to5Mac notes that the photos are consistent with a swollen battery.

Above you can see photos of another iPhone 8 Plus, this one purchased by a Japanese man who said he found the phone split open upon its arrival at his home, still in the box.

Now, two incidents do not necessarily portend a widespread epidemic, but the reports bring to mind the early days of the first plus-sized model, the iPhone 6 Plus, when users discovered that the phones were strangely easy to bend particularly when shoved in a back pocket. That was three years ago now, and lots of people have these larger phones, and we don't hear about "Bendgate" anymore.

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