Continuing the trend of producing some of the Bay Area's most odd crime stories, Vallejo's police blotter brings us this latest crime involving a Baskin Robbins, a shirtless man, and what must have been a really serious, heatwave-spurned hunger for ice cream cake.

As CBS 5 reports, via the surveillance footage above, a young looking man without a shirt threw a rock through a glass door at the Baskin Robbins Wednesday night, walked into the store, and walked out with an armful of ice cream cakes.

"They took a rock and threw it through the side door. Threw it so hard that it smashed through the side door and through the sundae station and and made a hole in the back wall,” says store owner Desiree Brook to CBS 5. “They came in, tore apart the cake freezer doors, grabbed as many cakes as they could, and then just walked right on out."

Brooks released the video to the media and police because she hopes that the public will help identify the suspect.

It should be noted that this particular burglar didn't even bother looking for a safe or breaking into the cash register. He just wanted the cakes.