Caltrans imploded two more of the marine foundations of the former eastern span of the Bay Bridge on Saturday — the first two of 13 that they will be imploding through mid-November, when this project will finally be complete.

Video shows the implosions, which happened in quick succession Saturday morning. As the have for previous implosions, crews employed a "bubble curtain" surrounding the implosions in order to scare away marine life and contain the debris underwater, as KRON 4 reports.

Representatives from the Marine Mammal Center were on hand to monitor the situation, and they say that no mammals have been harmed during the previous implosions.

CHP halted traffic briefly on the bridge out of an abundance of caution, they say, to prevent any potential for collisions, and the bike and pedestrian path on the bridge was cleared as well.

As we learned two weeks ago, the removal of the old foundations is expected to be completed a year ahead of schedule. The former eastern span, built in 1936, was replaced with the new span in 2013, and this demolition project began shortly thereafter.

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