Much like she did a week ago Tuesday in downtown Berkeley, Amber Gwen Cummings gave a rambling press conference in Antioch Wednesday, the main point of which seemed to be to call out antifa activists on the left who she sees as violent enemies of "free speech."

In the days since some violence broke out on Sunday between a group of black-clad leftist activists and a small number of right-wing and/or libertarian activists who showed up in downtown Berkeley — despite Cummings having tried to call off the rally she'd initially organized — multiple politicians have given statements condemning the actions of the anti-fascist and anarchist activists, who were shown in multiple videos chasing down, beating, and pepper-spraying those who they saw as adversaries. Nancy Pelosi even spoke out Tuesday saying she thought that any violent protesters should be jailed and prosecuted.

The Patriot Prayer group, led by Washington-based Joey Gibson, has attracted extremist elements including white nationalists to its rallies in the Pacific Northwest, and Cummings was a scheduled speaker at Gibson's cancelled rally in San Francisco. The rally got labeled as a white supremacist event, despite Gibson's disavowal of such extremists — however another scheduled speaker, Kyle "Based Stickman" Chapman, has given public speeches in recent months espousing racist and white nationalist views.

Cummings said Wednesday that she is not a white supremacist, and like she did last week, she spent part of the news conference wearing a bandana over her face, as a statement about the antifa practice of using masks to hide their identity during violent events.

"They’re not allowing me to speak out against Marxism-that was the message,” Cummings said, per KRON 4. “They’ve been attacking our people in the parks. People with masks like this have been attacking our people non-stop across the country.”

Cummings said she chose Antioch as a location for the conference to avoid any confrontation with leftist activists.

Carrying a sign saying "Jail Antifa 4 Life," Cummings once again repeated her assertion that antifa bring all the violence, and she herself is a peaceful "trans patriot."

But as the Daily Californian pointed out last week, only a month ago Cummings was marketing sticks and shields to her followers on Facebook, selling the weapons as "limited edition" autographed items by Chapman. She said at the time all proceeds would go to Chapman so he could "continue with his work," battling antifa.

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