Learn successful project management methodologies and launch a successful career.

Project managers are the ones responsible for the turning of the wheel at most companies — they're the people who make sure projects are viable undertakings, and that they are accomplished on time and on budget. In order to be effective, they're highly trained in a variety of technical methodologies — and to join their ranks, you'd need a similar education, like the one you'd get with the Pay What You Want: Project Management Bundle

This bundle includes five different courses, walking you through the different elements you'd need to master to become a project manager. From Lean Six Sigma to reduce waste and variation (resulting in increased quality) to performance management for successful teams, to honing organizational skills for smart goal setting, the training includes everything you'd need to know to be a successful PM. 

Here's how the bundle works: name your price to unlock the last course, focusing on the fundamentals of project management, including identifying stakeholders, creating SOWs and more. Beat the average price, and you'll unlock all five courses. 

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