For several years someone has been putting together an "unofficial" map of Burning Man and all the art and theme camps, the newest of which you can see below, using Google Maps. But once a year for a couple of years at least, the temporary town known as Black Rock City appears on the real Google Maps in the middle of the Black Rock Desert of Pershing County, Nevada, complete with all the street names and intersections that non-Burners are confused by when they see phrases like "We're at 7:30 and Genuflect" or "Meet me at 9:30 and Dance."

This didn't used to be much of a useful thing back when there was zero cell signal out on the playa, but all that has changed, and now we call get to see the festival unfold basically in real time on social media, from the comfort of our own dust-free homes, with plumbing.

Wired published a piece over the weekend discussing "What the Controlled Chaos of Burning Man Reveals About Cities," and how the semi-circle grid has not changed much since early Burner Rod Garrett designed it and implemented it in 1997. As Garrett later explained in a blog post about the design, "We were attempting to recreate some of the intimacy of our original camping circle, but on a much larger civic scale."

For bookmarking, here's the direct link to the map.

Stay tuned for photos of this year's art installations!

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