If you’re not heading to Oregon with your hippie friends or attempting to conceive a child with a Craigslist rando during Monday morning’s first full eclipse of the sun visible in the U.S. since 1979, there are still plenty of spots to watch the sun get blotted out by the moon. While the LA Times informs us that we’ll only get a 75 percent eclipse here in the Bay Area at the peak 10:30 a.m. moment, it’s still a pretty unique phenomenon and — since it’s taking in the middle of the sky — will be visible from everywhere (and for the nth time, you should not stare at the sun without those stupid glasses). But we’ve aggregated a long list of places hosting Monday morning eclipse viewing parties, so you can turn around, bright eyes, every now and then fall apart, because there’s you something you can say for the total eclipse of the sun.

As far as those stupid glasses go, the Chronicle reports that they’re pretty scarce to come by right now. But the Exploratorium still has them for $2.75 a pop, and Lick Observatory (which is all the way down in San Jose!) has them for $2.50 apiece. Additionally, the American Astronomical Society has some instructions on how to make those elementary school style pinhole projectors plus a list of “reputable” eclipse goggle vendors.

But nothing could be more San Francisco than watching the eclipse on your phone, and the Exploratorium will let you do just that. ABC 7 calls our attention to the Exploratorium eclipse livestream, which will also be broadcast via their Total Solar Eclipse app for iOS and Android that will have feeds from prime spots in Oregon and Wyoming, with background jams provided by Kronos Quartet.

...And Twitter will be livestreaming it too, in collaboration with The Weather Channel.

CBS 5 has a nice list of Bay Area eclipse watching parties happening Monday morning, and we’ve gone through the list and noted which ones require admission fees or advance RSVP.

Total Solar Eclipse: Live from the U.S.A.
The Exploratorium, Pier 15 (The Embarcadero at Green Street)
9 a.m., Adult tickets $29.95

The Great American Solar Eclipse
California Academy of Sciences, 55 Music Concourse Drive
9:30 a.m., General admission $35.95

Eclipse Viewing and Toddler Storytime
Ortega Branch Library, 3223 Ortega Street (between 39th Avenue and 40th Avenue)
9 a,m., free, glasses available on a first come first serve basis

Partial Solar Eclipse
Chabot Space & Science Center, 10000 Skyline Blvd., Oakland
8 a.m., free, but glasses are sold out

Partial Eclipse - Viewing Party!
Oakland Main Library, 125 14th Street, Oakland
9:30 a.m., free, but glasses are sold out

Alameda Free Library to View the Eclipse
Alameda Free Library, 1550 Oak Street, Alameda, CA
9 a.m., free, glasses not provided

Alameda County Library
Various branches
9 a.m., free, but glasses are sold out

Solar Eclipse 2017

Houge Park, Twilight Drive & White Oaks Avenue, San Jose
9 a.m., free with RSVP, glasses not provided

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