The everyday carry keychains you should invest in today.

You can finally lose the locksmith's number when you invest in these essential keychains. Way more than your typical key ring, these are the keychains you need to keep track of your precious kings and prevent yourself from a lock-out in the future. Check out our favorites below:

1. Extended KeySmart 

Feel like you've got too many keys to keep track of? This Extended KeySmart can fit 14 keys into one sleek piece — it's designed to give you quick access to what you need, without any of the bulk. 

Buy here: Get this lightweight piece for $19.99, reduced from $21.98.

2. Pry.Me Bottle Openers

Do you love an artisan bottle of icy cold beer? The Pry.Me Bottle Opener is the world's smallest keychain bottle opener. Just the size of a penny, it can hold up to 164,000 times its own weight and pops open anything in a jiffy. 

Buy here: Get this lightweight opener for $10.99

3. Key Safe

Don't lose your small items in your pockets — with this Key Safe, you can keep your random valuables safe with your keys. It's a miniature stainless steel cylinder that latches onto your keychain, perfect for coins and other small items. 

Buy here: Bonus — it's waterproof too. Get it for $17.95, reduced from $19.95. 

4. Beta-QR Quick Release Keychain Flashlight

This Beta-QR Quick Release Keychain Flashlight is an incredibly bright source of illumination in a compact package. Thanks to quick release technology, you can get some light without fumbling in the dark. 

Buy here: Get this powerful flashlight for $52.99, reduced from $59. 

5. Orbitkey 2.0 with Multitool

The refined Orbitkey 2.0 with Multitool organizes up to seven keys in one single key wallet. It includes a bottle opener, multi-size hex wrench, box cutter, flat-head screwdriver and file, all in one. 

Buy here: Get this Kickstarter hit for $34.90, reduced from $46.90.

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