Former millionaire marketing exec Ralph Melvin Flynn pleaded no contest to sexually abusing his adopted sons for years and years. He and his wife Carolyn were each recently sentenced to long prison terms in their criminal trial, him to 24 years and her to 12. Now, as ABC 7 reports, Flynn doesn't seem to remember any of the abuse in a videotaped deposition for the ongoing civil trial filed by one of the Flynn's sons/victims.

We told you about the Flynns recently as the Los Gatos couple was getting sentenced, and this deposition was taken as part of a separate personal injury civil suit filed by Denis Flynn, the son who finally turned in his adoptive parents after a decade of systematic abuse.

Both sons, one adopted in 1972 and the other adopted in 2002, claim the abuse began in the Flynns' Los Gatos home when each child was between seven and nine years old. It began with Ralph and as the boys got older, Carolyn participated. "I lost my virginity to my mother," Denis told the San Francisco Chronicle in an interview.

If you can handle a confessed child molester saying he doesn't "recall" showing his son pornography among other denials, ABC's Dan Noyes has obtained exclusive footage from Flynn's deposition. Bear in mind, this deposition comes after Flynn had admitted to authorities that he engaged in masturbation and oral sex with his young sons.

Regarding the pornography question, Flynn said things like "I don't believe I did," and in response to a question about whether his adoptive son is lying about the abuse, Flynn says, "I don't know if he is lying, but I know that he is not telling the truth." Attorney Nina Shapirshteyn, who is working for Denis Flynn, tells ABC 7 that Flynn's responses are "textbook pedophile."

In a truly bizarre coincidence, the news channel happened to cover an adoption event in Sarasota 17 years ago, and they have interview footage with the Flynns on the very day they decided to adopt their victim.

"There is just no comparison to what their life is like [in Russia] compared to the children of Silicon Valley," Ralph Flynn said at the time.

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