Prospective San Francisco home buyers are generally more attracted to phrases like “Wonderful Victorian home in amazing Dolores Heights location” than, say “Notorious Castro Drug Den” or “persistent neighborhood nuisance.” But both turns of phrase have been used to a describe a certain property near Sanchez Street and 18th Street. That property has been raided numerous times for crystal meth, heroin, and cocaine trafficking operations, its owner had been sued by the city on multiple occasions, and the structure has been issued a rash of habitability and safety code violations like the lower level unit’s exterior door being “made of an old cabinet door.”

But this case of apartment sadness appears to be coming to a happy ending, as Socketsite reports that the one-time drug den has been sold. The asking price was $2.6 million, and the sale of the house is now in contract to close.

The place has an, erm, colorful history. The city sued former owner Joel Elliott back in 2012 because police had to raid the place so many times. “After initially responding to a call regarding an armed trespasser in the house in January 2012, police found a significant amount of methamphetamine, cocaine and other narcotics,” City Attorney Dennis Herrera wrote in the lawsuit. “Subsequent searches resulted in similar findings.”

Elliott himself was arrested at the property in a raid later that year, leading to a Socketsite writeup whose accompanying Google Street View image appears to show a man’s exposed butt crack.

The Google Street View image has since been cleaned up. Considering the place has just been sold for presumably $2.6 million, the building safety and crime problems have likely been cleaned up as well.

Hopefully this will simply provide the new owner in this hot-hot neighborhood some lively dinner table conversation in future years.

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