The story of a stolen children's amusement ride that came out yesterday has come to a swift conclusion after the owner's posted about it on social media and someone quickly was able to point them to its location.

As ABC 7 reports, Amanda Sossamon of Fun and Game Experts in Pleasant Hill posted a message to Facebook Sunday about the purloined trailer in which they kept the $60,000 electric train ride that they had just been ferrying happy kids around in at the Alameda County Fair on Saturday.

The post was shared and spotted by Laura McCollum-Perkins of Danville, who shared the post herself and then headed to a yoga class in Walnut Creek. She explains, "And it was just sitting there in the driveway at the yoga studio and it was just crazy. I'm like, 'That can't be it.'"

Well, it was it, the same black trailer with the license plate 4NN4556, and it seems as though the thieves damaged the trailer's tires in the process of stealing and towing it, and they only made it as far as Walnut Creek, where they dumped it.

Perhaps, also, they looked and said "What the hell are we going to do with a kids' train ride?"

Sossamon lamented the loss of their "beautiful train" and pleaded with friends to be on the lookout for it. She and her husband now run the amusements company that was started by her parents 26 years ago, and they were concerned about not being able to fulfill bookings for the ride that they had for the month of August.

"We can't thank everyone enough," Sossamon tells NBC Bay Area.

Also, the company is immediately installing some security cameras.

Husband Eric Sossamon tells ABC 7, "I'm a believer in social media now. If you would have asked me last Saturday, I would have said, 'Facebook is kind of a waste of time. Why do you guys do that?' I get it now."