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Have a great idea for a movie you've been itching to write? Develop the next big time blockbuster with Final Draft 10

This is the software used by 95% of professional screenwriters and studios, including stalwarts like Aaron Sorkin, James Cameron, and JJ Abrams. Not only does Final Draft automatically paginate your work to entertainment industry standards, but it gives you elite story flexibility, with the best outlining and storyboarding tools on the market. That means you spend less time worrying about formatting, and more time writing. 

Final Draft has over 100 templates for screenplays, teleplays and stage plays, the ability to collaborate with a partner in real-time, automatically performs file backups, and so much more. Want to see another work see the light of day? You can even import scripts into Final Draft 10 for proper formatting. 

One of the most exciting developments, as has been hailed on Macworld and 9to5Toys, is the alternate dialogue feature. This innovation allows you to save alternate lines of dialogue within the same script file, so you can play with a few variations of a scene before settling.

Trusted by Disney, Warner Brothers, NBCUniversal, MGM, Paramount, ABC, BBC and more, Final Draft 10 is the gold standard of screenwriting software. Final Draft 10 is currently available for the special price of $124.99 - 50% off the original price of $249.99. 

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