A warm week is set to kick off what may be a warmer-than-usual August for the Bay Area — though possibly not that warm for SF, because we all know how that goes.

As the Chronicle reports via National Weather Service meteorologist Roger Gass, we'll be finishing out July and entering August with a warming trend as a high pressure system builds over Northern California.

Parts of the East and North Bay will be seeing temperatures in the 90s this weekend and into next week, while SF will see things warming up on Monday through the rest of next of next week, according to the Weather Channel, hitting a relatively balmy (for August) high of 72 a week from today.

“These temperatures are above seasonal averages, but this time of year it’s pretty typical for us to get these warming trends," says Gass to the Chronicle.

Still, this is a refreshing change from some summers where we only get peeks of sunshine between 3 and 5 o'clock — and it runs counter to an earlier long-term forecast from May that said this summer was going to be colder than usual around here.

Looking further ahead in August, though nothing is for certain there, the nation as a whole is expected to be hotter than usual, with Southern California likely to see high temps as well, as weather service meteorologist Duane Dykema explains. He tells the Chron, "For the month of August, the Climate Prediction Center is essentially forecasting a higher-than-average chance of above-normal temperatures across almost the entire nation. It’s going along with what we’ve already seen this summer."

So, cross your fingers that SF can share in some of the wealth of warmth sooner than we typically do (September), but we should probably be grateful for whatever August afternoons we get that are not windswept and gray. Remember last August? Yah.