President Trump's announcement Β— via Twitter Β— Wednesday morning that he planned to ban trans people from military service is already sending waves of anger through the LGBT community and has hopefully, finally, made Caitlyn Jenner regret voting for him. (As of last week on Jimmy Kimmel she was still saying she "didn't agree" with him on some issues but she "liked some of the things he's done.")

According to a study by the RAND corporation, approximately 2,450 active-duty service members are transgender, out of a total of 1.3 million. Under Trump's own Defense Secretary Jim Mattis appears to have been caught off guard by the President's policy decision, as the New York Times reports.

Social media reaction has been swift, and is growing.

Jenner's onetime advisor in trans issues, Jennifer Finney Boylan, was quick to ask for Jenner's thoughts on Twitter, which have not yet arrived.

Chelsea Manning has already chimed in, as the San Francisco Chronicle notes, with a series of tweets both sarcastic and combative with those lashing out against her.

2018 California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom of course had a few words.

... as did House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

And the legal community, including the ACLU and Lambda Legal, are going to be putting up an immediate fight.

Sidebar: Twitter is latching on to the fact that the military spends far more on erectile dysfunction medication than it does on medical care for trans service people, which was one of the reasons cited by the president for the ban.

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