Golden State Warriors fans may remember last summer’s unpleasantness on the basketball court, followed by some amusing Draymond Green shenanigans in which he inadvertently posted a dick pic on Snapchat. We may be less likely to recall the seemingly more minor Draymond scandal of an assault charge stemming from a bar fight in Michigan, because the whole thing was reduced to a $560 noise violation. But that bar fight is now back in the news as NBC Bay Area reports that Green is facing a civil lawsuit from a Michigan State football player he allegedly punched, and the player’s girlfriend who alleges that Green’s bodyguards choked her.

The lawsuit was filed in an Alameda County Superior Court this morning, and the two plaintiffs — Jermaine Edmondson and Bianca Williams — both spoke at a press conference this morning whose Facebook Live video can be seen above.

The text of the suit, which is available online, is a little unhinged for a legal document. “Draymond Green is a bully,” the filing asserts, right off the bat in its very first sentence. “On the basketball court, he is famous for hitting players in the groin, kicking violently, and feigning shock every time a foul is called against him. Off the court, he drinks excessively, lashes out at reporters and other athletes on social media, and continues to complain about being overlooked in the first round of the 2012 NBA draft.”

The two alleged victims are being represented by Lisa Bloom, a sort of ‘celebrity attorney’ known recently for representing Kathy Griffin in the beheaded Trump affair and Blac Chyna in last month’s revenge porn dust-up with Rob Kardashian. “The filing of this lawsuit was a last resort," Bloom said in a statement. "Mr. Green has refused to accept responsibility for his conduct and so we will ask a jury to educate him and hold him accountable."

A spokesperson for Green issued a statement saying, “This lawsuit relates to an incident that occurred in East Lansing, Michigan over a year ago, for which Draymond paid a noise violation fine. Draymond looks forward to defending himself and clearing up the misinformation put forth today.”

Bar fights are generally situations where no one comes out looking good. But given that Draymond Green is playing on a five-year, $85 million contract, he probably looks like a pretty good target for a civil attorney.

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