They're more common than you think.

Thanks to the nature of changing online privacy regulations and the ability of our Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to freely access and sell our personal data to advertisers, there's a whole lot more than just malicious hackers and malware to worry about on the web. Thankfully, there are VPNs to thwart the intentions of scammers, thieves and third parties alike. 

Using a service like Windscribe VPN helps encrypt your location and data, keeping your online identity anonymous. If you need more reasons to change the way you interact with the internet, here are a few more:

1. You're tired of Google logging all your searches.

Your Google search contains a whole lot more than your Drake obsession or interest in hot dog GIFs -- it can include incredibly personal information, including all the media you're ingesting and your location. Your political leanings, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and more can all be harvested from your Google searches if somebody is savvy enough to look. 

2. You're traveling. 

Want access to geo-restricted content while you're getting your passport stamped this summer? How about voice chatting with friends and family? A VPN helps you do all of that safely and securely, without worrying about security vulnerabilities when you're abroad. 

3. You like to work from coffee shops.

There's nothing wrong with your local shop, other than an excessive use of foam and really aggressive battles over open outlets. But if you work on a public Wi-Fi connection, it's basically like leaving your wallet or purse on a public table, wide open -- at least in terms of the data that could be stolen from you. VPNs encrypt your connection, even on public networks.

So protect yourself online -- for the situations where you know you might need a little extra help, and even the ones where you don't. A lifetime Pro subscription to Windscribe VPN is currently $49.99, reduced 94% from the usual price of $900. 

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