A longtime shop-owner in the community of Niles — a town nestled in a canyon within the city limits of Fremont — says that two men verbally harassed and tried to intimidate her on Thursday, all because she hangs a rainbow flag outside her antiques shop. "I hang the flag because I'm an ally," says Rae Steckler-Homorody, owner of the Iron Dog, which has been run by her family for many years. She tells KRON 4 that the man asked her why she was flying the flag instead of the American flag — which she also hangs in front of the shop in rotation with the rainbow flag — and then proceeded to shout obscenities at her and say things like "Don’t you know that men died for you and died for this country?" and "What’s the matter with you?"

Steckler-Homorody posted a picture to Facebook of the man and a friend he brought back with him about 20 minutes later so that they could tag-team scream at her, and says that the first man tried to shove her when she pulled her camera out.

She says he was screaming "F*** you" and "Go f*** yourself" in front of her customers, and Fremont police are now investigating the matter.

According to NBC Bay Area, the same two men harassed the owner of a quilt shop down the street several weeks ago over her display of a Women's March sign — and she was also flying a rainbow flag outside her shop which Steckler-Homorody says was later stolen.

Shop owner Belle Spring tells NBC Bay Area of the incident, "Well he was very upset about it, and took offense by it."

The close-knit community of Niles has been shaken by these recent incidents, and Steckler-Homorody says she will nonetheless keep her rainbow flag flying, but she's taking it in at night.

She tells NBC that Niles is "a good place to be. It’s a safe place to be," and she hopes to keep it that way.

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