A person going by the name Julie Zberg allegedly created a Facebook page called "Manpiles of SF" in order to denigrate the homeless she sees around her neighborhood. We don't know why.

BrokeAss Stuart brings us news of Zberg, who has not only created the photo-laden Facebook page detailing her downright hatred of homeless people and the politicians she feels enable their existence, but actively sends obscenity-laced emails to various and sundry lawmakers and the like.

Zberg lives in the Mission and perhaps she should move, although she gets really mad when folks tell her that. Zberg wants the homeless to get jobs and they can move. She's staying, no matter how much she hates it here.

The Facebook page, whose title has recently changed to "Welcome to Mayor Ed Lee's Zombie Nation," claims the following in its "about" section: "pictorial of the daily existence of those of us taken hostage by the dangerous encampment crisis. It is a plea for help."

Welcome to Mayor Ed Lee's Zombie Nation goes on to say:

"Ive been tracking homeless encampments within a 2 block radius of my residence. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Jane Kim, SFPD, Ed Lee, Dept of Homelessness and Homeless Outreach Programs especially Jennifer Friedenbach, for allowing this travesty to exist in this city. You are all ineffective wastes, draining the taxpayer wallet."

The page has 128 likes and a staggering 297 reviews with an average rating of 1.2 stars (out of 5.) Which is to say not many people are rushing to support this woman's cause, her poor attempts at sarcasm, or her solution-free angry posts.

Zberg posts multiple times a day and responds to many of the comments on her posts, which means she must spend a great deal of time complaining about and photographing homeless people — time which could be spent contributing to solutions and her community. Mais non, Julie Zberg.

The Facebook page is anonymously run but Stuart, God bless him, has a screenshot of a rambling email in which Zberg takes credit for it.


In comments on the Facebook page, Zberg claims she's not mocking the homeless, saying,

"Hi dawn. The intent here was never to shame the homeless. It's to show in its ugliest form what happens in this city of wealth, with a homeless budget that's fairly large, but the issue doesn't seem to go away. Would it be better for me to caption the pics more kindly? Then I'd be lying. I'm tired of dealing with it. This unfortunately is what a lot of people see now every single day. There is really no help for those of us begging for the city to do something such as put up housing, or convert empty city owned property etc. there HAS to be a better way to deal with this! I'm sorry if these pics upset people. If anyone thinks that I am mocking etc that is not true. But I don't think it's right that we are taken hostage by the encampment activity do you? I've been personally attacked minding my own business going from point a to point b. So has my daughter. So has my dog believe it or not. Since SFPD doesn't take an active part even when I pointed out a guy who was naked and so high he was in danger of running into traffic on division, they shrugged and drove off. This is what I see going on around here. And also since you don't know me you don't know things I have done for the homeless who come thru and aren't dangerous. I'm not the kind of person who blows my own horn over things that are done from the heart without wanting anything in return. But this has evolved to dangerous conditions."

The pictures, paired with often snarky, nasty captions, speak otherwise. For example, "South van ness. I witnessed this person walking against traffic in the left hand lane seemingly oblivious to the danger, on her way to redeem her stolen recyclables. Mark my words - one day - splat."

Zberg now joins the ranks of former tech CEO Greg Gopman, Peter Shih, and this guy Justin Keller from last year, all of whom have published screeds about the homeless problem in recent years that treated the homeless as less than human (or in Gopman's case, "hyenas"), and were then publicly lambasted for it.

Is homelessness a major problem in San Francisco? Yes. Is making a bitchy Facebook account in any way helping the problem, even by drawing attention to it? No.

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Uuugggghhhhh. (Image: BrokeAss Stuart)