A clearly medicated Jake Phelps, the 54-year-old skateboarder and editor of the skateboarding magazine Thrasher, spoke out to NBC Bay Area from Zuckerberg General Hospital on Thursday about the incident Tuesday night on Dolores Hill that led to him getting a big gash in his head and a concussion. Phelps's wipeout, and the inability of emergency personnel to reach him quickly due to the sizable crowd gathered for the second annual "Hill Bomb" led indirectly to a showdown and near riot between police and skaters that went on for over an hour — it also included a major wipeout by another skater who went hurling over an SFPD cruiser, which some onlookers claim was caused by the officer sticking out an arm in front of him.

Phelps describes his own wipeout to NBC Bay Area thusly: "I did it. I did it fast the second time. I hit a reflector, pitched my wheel sideways, I just flew." Confusedly he adds, "I whacked my head pretty good. I don't know what a concussion feels like. I don't feel like I can't figure out what I'm doing."

Regarding the second skater's wipeout, Phelps says of the police, "It's stupid to block the street off, and the guy couldn't get out of the way, just high sided over the car."

Phelps says they should probably consider getting a permit for the event next year, since so many people turned out to watch and participate.

Meanwhile, SFPD chief Bill Scott said they were starting an investigation into the events that transpired Tuesday to determine if one of the officers was at fault. No arrests were made during the Hill Bomb event.

Below, you can see Phelps in NBC Bay Area's impossibly tiny video — full size can be found here.

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