I don't think you're ready for this jelly.

A truck full of live eels being shipped to Korea "for consumption" flipped on Highway 101 in Oregon, spilling eels all over everything everywhere.

According to ABC7, a flatbed truck carrying live 'slime eels' — a.k.a. hagfish — was involved in a rollover crash at milepost 131 between Otter Rock and Depoe Bay. The very-much-alive eels left a trail of slime all over 101 and the unfortunate cars that happened to be within the vicinity of the horror.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium calls the hagfish "the creepiest creature in the aquarium" and here is why:


The eels are not actually eels, but fish. The OCA explains their grossness thusly:

This creature’s primary defense mechanism is to emit a protein that makes the surrounding water turn into a gelatinous slime. They then tie themselves into a knot, sliding the slime off their scaleless skin in the process, making them difficult to capture. Hagfish are so adept at producing this reaction that researchers have observed potential predators dying of suffocation while trapped in their slime.

Now imagine this all over your Accord.

It looks like all of the hagfish were killed in the crash and swept to the side of the road with hoses and bulldozers.

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Hagfish, via the Oregon Coast Aquarium.