Backyard, campsite, beach - anywhere you want a burger and a beer, this duo will follow.

In honor of America's birthday, we present to you The Backyard Portable Barbecue Grill & Cooler Combo.

There's no better way to celebrate sparklers, warm weather and good times with good friends than a barbecue -- and this conveniently portable grill and cooler is perfect for all the summer festivities you have planned. Flip some burgers and sip on some brews, whether the party is at your place or a friend's. 

Headed to the beach or planning a camping trip, this combo will make both trips with you. The charcoal grill packs up in its own bag for easy carrying, and when in use, the storage bag converts to a cooler -- it's the best multitasking set you'll meet all summer. 

Celebrate the summer: Get The Backyard Portable Barbecue Grill & Cooler Combo for $19.99, 60% off the usual price of $49.99.

Questions about your order? Contact [email protected].

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