A 17-year-old girl who was hiking near Land's End was killed Thursday night, after she apparently lost her footing and fell to the rocks below.

Corte Madera resident Victoria La Rocca was hiking with another teen and adult on a trail near the Legion of Honor, ABC 7 reports, when she apparently stumbled on the trail and fell over the cliffside around 6 p.m. Thursday evening.

“They were probably walking along a path or something and we’re not sure if she slipped,” Fire Battalion Chief Denise Newman told the Ex.

The Chron reports that La Rocca fell about 50 feet and "landed on the rocks just east of Lands End," a remote spot that "made it difficult for rescue swimmers to reach La Rocca, prompting emergency crews to use a personal watercraft to get to her."

"When we arrived, we tried to get as close as possible, but there was a lot of terrain," Newman told NBC Bay Area. "Beach Patrol, which is the lifeguard at Ocean Beach, they had their Jet-ski and came on the water side and were able to find the victim."

La Rocca “had multiple injuries and fractures, she was barely breathing when we got to her,” Newman says. “She fell all the way down to the water so therefore she was in the water and was kind of cold.”

Rescue crews were able to eventually secure her to a flotation device, KRON 4 reports, and managed to get her to China Beach. She was pronounced dead as an ambulance transported her to the hospital.

La Rocca was a student at San Francisco's St. Ignatius High School, CBS 5 reports. Parents of La Rocca's classmates recieved an email from the school early Friday, saying “We mourn her loss and ask you to pray for her entire family and friends...Please keep Tori and her entire family in your prayers in their hour of need.”