The nationally televised congressional hearing Thursday morning, with former FBI Director James Comey answering questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee, has one particular fashion highlight that's been widely noted on Twitter: Sen. Dianne Feinstein's seersucker suit. For those unaware, Seersucker Thursday was an annual event started in 1996 by Sen. Trent Lott on National Seersucker Day, in part to recognize the traditional American cloth donned by Senators in decades past during the warmer months before air conditioning — and, he said, to "bring a little Southern charm to the Capitol." The tradition was discontinued a few years ago — though congressional staffers will still randomly wear seersucker on Thursday throughout the summer — but this year Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy announced it would be revived on June 8th. Today.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, obviously a seersucker fan who began over a decade ago encouraging women in the Senate to join in the tradition, was not about to be deterred from wearing her seersucker suit today, despite the television appearance and the huge attention this hearing is getting. You'll notice that none of the other Senators on the committee are wearing their seersucker.

Setting aside Feinstein's characteristically hard-hitting, withering questioning of Comey, and the fact that we really shouldn't be concentrating on the way one of only three female members of the committee is dressed: You go, Dianne.

And, so, Twitter has gone wild.