A hot prowl turned extremely cold for the suspect Wednesday afternoon, when his victim-to-be became his captor, instead.

Police say that it all began at 2:20 yesterday afternoon, in a residence on the 2000 block of Jones Street, which is between Filbert and Union Streets.

The 29-year-old male victim "was in his room and heard a loud noise out back," the San Francisco Police Department says. The victim first checked his backyard, but saw nothing. As he did, he heard another noise coming from the laundry room of the building.

Peering into the laundry room, he saw the 49-year-old male suspect, who police say was allegedly attempting to enter the home. Thinking quickly, the suspect barricaded the laundry room door, trapping the suspect inside.

There the thwarted thief remained until an SFPD unit arrived. According to the SFPD, officers arrested the suspect for the attempted break-in and booked him into San Francisco County Jail.