Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry, the "baby-face assassin" who's a contender for NBA MVP (again) and maybe a contender for Playoff MVP, will be facing off against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers for the third straight year in the NBA Finals again tonight. He was on Good Morning America this morning talking to TJ Holmes about his tensions with LeBron, his new beard, and how he's dealing with fame.

In Part 1 of the interview, which you can see below, Curry talks about how he's known LeBron going back to his college days, and he hopes that maybe when both of their careers are over they'll be able to look back and say "We had some good times, playing the game we love."

Holmes asks about the beard, and Curry explains that he always wanted to grow one, but there was always a patch on the left side that wouldn't grow in fully and "connect." So, he says, at age 29, "About six months ago it started to connect, so I got a little carried away with it, and made up my own reason to have a playoff beard. So this is about four months of hard work right here."

Part 2 of the interview, in which he talks about a discussion he had with President Obama (excerpted above), will air tomorrow. But Curry says Obama "was talking about the challenges of before he was in office. And I'm not comparing what I do to what he does, but he dropped a line. He said before he got into office, he didn't value his anonymity as he was going through life." And these days, Curry wishes he could just go see Hamilton with his wife without the whole crowd having to erupt into a chant.

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