These handy charging devices will help you live above the 20% line.

A bit over-reliant on your smartphone to lead the way these days? We can't blame you — from GPS navigation to calendar reminders, our phones are like our own personal assistants. On that note, we've rounded up a few of our favorite handy charging accessories to help you out. Check them out!

1. Charge & Sync Docks


Reduce desk clutter and the chance of accidentally knocking your phone off the table while you're charging it: this Charge & Sync Dock keeps your phone secure, still and out of harm's way while it's getting some juice.

Buy here: Get this sleek dock for $19.99 -- that's 42% off the original price of $34.99.

2. 2-in-1 Lightning to Headphone Jack Charging Cable: 3-Pack


If you have an iPhone 7, it probably frustrates you to no end that you can't get a charge while listening to music via your favorite headphones. This 2-in-1 Lightning to Headphone Jack Charging Cable helps you find your zen again. Listen to your favorite playlist, get your battery to 100%, and everybody wins here.

Buy now: Get a three pack of these lightning cables for $21.99, or 56% off the original price of $49.99.

3. 12,000mAh LED Power Bank


No outlet? No problem. This 12,000mAh LED Power Bank gives you a boost of juice when you're off the grid, making it a perfect pick for road trips or crowded coffeeshop visits. Cool tip: it even doubles as a flashlight.

Buy now: Get power on the go for $19.99, or half off the original price of $39.99.

4. Wireless Fast Qi-Enabled Charger


Welcome to the future. This Wireless Fast Qi-Enabled Charger doesn't need any cords to charge your smartphone 80% faster than the usual charger. Just place it down and let it do its thing -- you can even use the angle of the charger to watch videos while you charge. Of course, make sure your phone is Qi-enabled first!

Buy now:
Get this innovative charger for $23.95, 70% off the usual price of $79.95.

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