A Mercedes belonging to an Uber driver who has been missing since last Sunday was discovered by police on Saturday, causing further concern for the man's family. The silver SUV was found stripped of everything, including its wheels, on a block of Davidson Avenue in the Bayview that is occupied mostly by homeless people in tents.

48-year-old Piseth Chhay was on his way to a friend's house on Mother's Day when he disappeared, and his wife tells ABC 7 that she fears the worst. "His son is waiting for him for god's sake," says Chhay's wife Rattana Kim. "His family is waiting for him. I give you anything you want. All I want him to come back."

Homeless people on the block say they noticed the stripped car but nothing else.

Chhay drove full time for Uber, but was not working on Sunday. A passenger left a cellphone in Chhay's vehicle on Saturday and somehow tracked him down at his home, and the family initially suspected that this passenger might have played a role in Chhay's disappearance.

Kim earlier told ABC 7 that she suspected foul play. "He loves his family way too much to leave without telling us where he's going or not even a phone call," she said.

SFPD investigators visited Chhay's home for the first time Saturday, as ABC 7 reports, taking an iPad, a laptop, a toothbrush, and his razor.

SFPD Lieutenant Ed Santos tells ABC 7, "We just have to keep the hope that he is in a good place and that he is ok. There is nothing that I can see at this point that would indicate that he is in trouble."