A drop in ocean temperatures might bode poorly for some California dreamers, as cooler water is linked to chillier summers in SF.

SF Gate reports that temperatures in NorCal waters are colder than usual right now, with one meteorologist saying, "The fact that we already have cool water in place, that would be one check box in the 'It's going to possibly be a cooler summer' forecast."

Per SF Gate:

Historic data going back to 2010 reveals that when the sea surface temperature in the Pacific along California's North Coast is below normal in the summer, the atmospheric temperature in Downtown San Francisco is also below normal.

Right now, the dozen or so buoys tracking surface temperature between Fort Bragg and San Luis Obispo are reading a couple degrees below normal. A buoy in Fort Bragg for example has produced readings at 50 degrees on average in May; that's two degrees below normal for the month.

Jan Null, a meteorologist with Golden Gate Weather Services, says, "There's a good correlation that all the cooler sea-surface-temperature months are cooler months in San Francisco," but does that definitely mean we're in for a sweatshirted summer? After all, the ocean was cold last week, and we in SF were all hot as hell, right?

Right, and Null also says that conditions could change, because "If we got a high pressure [system] to set up over the West Coast, which is typical in summer, that would cause weaker winds at the surface and we'd see sea surface temperatures rise."

So it's too soon to tell about the entire summer, but Null says the next few days are definitely fleece-donning times.

"I'm looking at charts for next the 10 days, and they're all keeping it cool," Null told SF Gate. "In the next week, I don't see San Francisco getting above 62 degrees."

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