Morning rush hour traffic near the SoMa intersection of Seventh and Townsend Streets was more hellish than usual Friday, when a sinkhole opened its gaping maw and attempted to digest a construction truck.

According to a tweet from the San Francisco Fire Department, the sinkhole was reported at 6:20 this morning.

KRON 4 reports that driver Alejandro Curiel was inside the construction vehicle "when the sinkhole developed underneath him and swallowed his truck."

As you might have guessed from the photo, Curiel escaped unscathed. No one else has been injured, the SFFD says, and the hole is not considered a "public safety concern."

The Chron reports that the Curiel's truck was "loaded with bags of cement and a trailer attached to the rig carried two mini bulldozers." He had "just pulled up and was about to park when the pavement gave out and the truck shifted on its side, causing the sidewalk to break and give give way."

The sinkhole is around 5 feet by 14 feet, the SFFD reports, saying that San Francisco's Department of Public Works was on the scene.

"A tow truck, maybe two, will be needed to pull the truck out of the hole," KRON 4 reports. It's unclear when the area is expected to reopen, but officials who spoke to the Chron gave a ballpark estimate, saying it's "expected to take about 2 hours to remove the truck from the sinkhole."

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