A woman walking her own dogs stumbled upon a gruesome pile of discarded dog carcasses on February 17, and she is just now bringing the story to the attention of the media. ABC 7 reports on the discovery by CC Peters, which was made in some bushes along Columbus Parkway in Vallejo. Peters has come forward, along with staff at the Center for Animal Rescue in Solano County, to bring attention to the case after local police said there was nothing they could do.

Peters tells ABC 7, "We found bags filled with all types of breeds, sizes, colors, dogs that were dead," and she estimated there were about a dozen. She says also that the dogs, which included a Yorkie, a lab, and a poodle, appeared to well-groomed and were likely someone's pets.

Disturbingly, alongside the dogs and garbage bags used to dispose them were tools that looked like they were involved in the killing of the animals, including a box cutter with hair and blood still on it.

Cindy Shay of the Center for Animal Rescue tells the station, "Police did come out here," but they seemed to have written off the case because it wasn't, as they said, a "murder." "There is nothing they could do, but I think it is a murder and there is something they could do," Shay says.

Vallejo police have not responded about the case, and Animal Control was unable to ID any of the dogs with collars or microchips.

It's been a while since we've used the "Vallejo is Whack" tag, and no offense to Vallejo, but this came about in large part because of bizarre stories like this one that add up to a sense that really weird (and sometimes very tragic) stuff happens in this North Bay town, seemingly more often than in other cities we report on. That is all.