How you can side-step Congress' online privacy-killing ruling.

Congress recently took the axe to online privacy, ruling that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can now sell your personal browsing data and app usage history to advertisers. However, there's one really simple way to ensure your data remains securely yours: get a VPN. VPNs keep your browsing information encrypted and private, even from your ISP. Here's another bit of good news: a lifetime subscription to an elite service, TigerVPN, is currently just $29.

Your ISP has access to a whole host of personal information on you including your Social Security number, your location, what your finances are like, what you watch and listen to, and so much more. This information can now be sold to the highest bidder, but you can prevent them from harvesting any more info when you browse with TigerVPN.

TigerVPN uses military-grade encryption across Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms to keep your information private. Protect your internet activities from being targeted and monitored by connecting to any of 15 VPN nodes across 11 different countries to cloak your identity, all while maintaining high connection speeds.

Fight for your internet freedom: get a lifetime subscription to TigerVPN for $29 - that's 96% off the original price of $780.

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