Whip up delicious meals without shopping or planning.

Sometimes the biggest challenge to making a home-cooked meal is all the prep work that goes into it. For busybodies who still want to enjoy delicious meals from scratch (without working too hard at it), there's Blue Apron.

Blue Apron takes all the guesswork out of home cooking. They'll send you fresh boxes every week filled with organic, sustainable ingredients sourced from small farms or their own newly purchased pristine ranch. All the ingredients are pre-measured for the recipes that are also included in each box.

Choose between a three meals for two people plan, or two meals for four people plan - either way, you're sure to enjoy speciality produce and new cuisines.

Start eating deliciously: try Blue Apron for a week for $25 - that's 58% off the usual price of $59.94.

Questions about your order? Contact [email protected].

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