Congressional leaders across the country are taking a quick break from all the fun of our nation's capital, returning to face their constituents during a recess through April 23. Here, that means a quickly sold-out town hall event in San Francisco will give locals the chance to ask Senator Dianne Feinstein all their burning questions in person on Monday, April 17. An LA town hall with the senator is scheduled for April 20.

Scheduled at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center (19th Avenue and Sloat Avenue near St. Francis Circle) at 11 a.m. and lasting just an hour, the SF meeting is the first town hall for Feinstein since President Trump took office, and you better believe that much of the talk will be about his administration.

Signs aren't permitted as they block people's views, and attendees who want to ask questions can take a ticket at the entrance, and numbers will be drawn at random, a rule taken at the suggestion of Indivisible, a Trump resistance group encouraging citizens to make the most of this recess period.

"During the first recess period, thousands of you showed up to ask your [members of congress] hard, vital questions about whether they’ll resist the Trump agenda," Indivisible writes in its dedicated town hall guidelines. Feinstein, for the record, Feinstein opposed the nominations of conservatives like Secretary of State Jeff Sessions and Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Still, as senior senator in more than one sense, Feinstein has faced scrutiny regarding her ability to stand up for her strongly liberal base. As Indivisible East Bay organizer Mark Garcia, a retired California state employee, complained the Chronicle in February, “Feinstein needs to be more engaged — not just against Trump, but with her constituents." Feinstein, who turns 84 in June, is raising money for reelection but has not said for sure that she'll seek a new term. “It’s time for her to consider her legacy and all the great things she has done for California and plan for stepping down. We need someone who is more appropriate for the times,” Garcia said.

You mean, like, Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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