BART has put out a strangely tone-deaf PSA poster under the header "Avoiding Creeps 101" that advises people not to sit alone on a train at night and not to wear headphones, in order to keep from being targeted for sexual harassment. Also, awkwardly, the tweet announcing the campaign makes a reference to Thom Yorke, and Radiohead's "Creep," in order to sound hip or something.

The implication is that the responsibility lies with the victim to avoid disgusting or assaultive behavior, even though BART issued a longer statement denying that. On Facebook, BART says, "No one should feel guilty for other people's bad behavior, or for "not doing enough" beforehand," BUT, "That being said, these tips are designed to help you avoid uncomfortable or risky contact with creeps while riding BART."

The backlash has been swift.

BART's abbreviated message, in the form of the poster, seems to convey the idea that "creeping," i.e. sexual harassment, is an inevitability and that victims should simply do what they can to avoid being victims — and no amount of walking that back in a longer statement really makes up for the misstep here.

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