On last night's Late Late Show with James Cordon, Cordon came to the Bay Area to hang out with Steph Curry and play "life coach" for a day, which included a trip to a mini-golf course because, as Cordon says, "All of life’s lessons can be taught on an indoor miniature course." Curry, of course, is as good at mini-golf as he is at basketball, and he also bests the late-night host at air hockey, a computer dance game, and a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, and then he (allegedly) guesses the number Corden was thinking.

But of course the segment wouldn't be complete without a round of carpool karaoke, even though Cordon tries to play it off like this wasn't planned and wouldn't be expected since Curry isn't a singer (but neither was Michelle Obama!). But then they bust out with some Moana, because, as Curry says, "I listen to everything a four-and-a-half year old listens to," referring to daughter Riley.

Listen as Steph and James do their rendition of "How Far I'll Go," from the Disney film.

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