Just plug in and play.

Turns out, you can eliminate those pesky office distractions that prevent you from completing your presentation (minus the cupcakes in the kitchen, keep those) - all you need is this Brain.fm: Lifetime Subscription. Co-founded by Junaid Kalmadi and Adam Hewett, Brain.fm is a music app that claims to enhance focus or relaxation with just 10-15 minutes of use.

Way better than your current music streaming service (who can resist a Beyonce-themed playlist, right?), this is music that's been scientifically engineered to help you focus. Using an AI engine and working alongside leading auditory neuroscientists, these tunes have been tried and tested, and they're the best for producing the best sleep, relaxation and work results possible.

These original compositions are specifically generated for whatever outcome you desire, whether you need to overcome last night's insomnia or you need to churn out a report, stat. Adjust the stream to play anywhere from 30 minutes to indefinitely, and conquer your to-do list (or do just the opposite and sleep).

You can get this Brain.fm: Lifetime Subscription for $49.99 - that's already 75% off the original price of $199.99. This week only, we're offering an additional 15% off this subscription with code DIGIWEEK15!

Questions about your order? Contact [email protected].

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